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Gerald Neufeld
Our Story

The Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society was formed in November 2016 by a small group of local people who dreamed of bringing high quality, live classical music to our small town. Under the guidance of George Zukerman,  our first season of concerts was soon sold out. We welcomed four groups of internationally acclaimed musicians to Agassiz, enjoyed their amazing music and realized that our dream had been a terrific success.
We were on our way!

Now, season by season, we are seeking out new performers for you to enjoy and we sincerely hope that you will become one of our members and join us for evenings of beautiful classical music.


   Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society
Board of Directors  2016-2019

President                              John Zuidhof
Vice President                     Rosemary Godden
Secretary                             Brenda DiRezze
Membership                        Jacquie Zuidhof
Treasurer                             Jill Warda
Publicity                               Diane Exley
House Arrangements        Susanna Keusch
Members-at Large             Elena  Bolshakova                                                    Sneh Mathur
Kirill Bolshakov  -  Founding member  provides invaluable support and guidance.